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diVa™ Laser Vaginal therapy

Non-surgical Vaginal therapy in Virginia

Many women who experience vaginal dryness, pain during sex, incontinence, or other related concerns do not realize that there are treatment options for vaginal therapy that are non-surgical and effective. Busy schedules, family, and life oftentimes are her first priority. Because of this, a woman’s self-confidence and even intimacy with her partner may be put on the back burner.

Dr. Guerette recommends the diVa non-surgical laser treatment by Sciton® for women who want incredible results and a procedure that fits within their schedule. diVa is a quick five minute procedure that provides beautiful results without the pain or downtime of a major surgery.

diVa treatment benefits

If aging or childbirth is affecting your self-confidence and you would consider a non-surgical approach to vaginal therapy, the diVa program will make you pleasantly surprised. The benefits associated with the diVa treatment included:

  • Stronger vaginal tissue
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • Increased vaginal moisture
  • Renewed self-confidence
  • Improved intimacy with your partner
  • Treats stress urinary incontinence

How is diVa performed?

diVa laser therapy is a quick, safe, and simple procedure that will leave you feeling confident and youthful once again. The procedure requires a dilator to be inserted into the vagina. Dr. Guerette will then utilize the diVa handpiece within the dilator as it releases two lasers in a uniform, circular motion down the canal.

As the handpiece is slowly removed from the dilator, one laser will help give the vaginal wall a fresh coat of healthy and strong tissue while the second laser improves firmness through collagen growth stimulation. diVa is a quick 5 minute procedure performed in-office by Dr. Guerette at his North Chesterfield practice. Following your treatment, you may return to work or your normal schedule.

diVa recovery

The state of the art technology of diVA is not only effective, it requires no downtime. You may return to work immediately after your procedure, allowing you to fit diVa treatment sessions easily into your busy schedule.

diVa Treatments in Virginia

No downtime, quick treatment sessions, minimal discomfort, and amazing results are why Dr. Guerette’s patients love diVa. With diVA, you really can bring back your confidence and restore intimacy with incredible, life-changing benefits.

As a nationally and internationally recognized Urologist, Dr. Guerette is a specialist in the areas of aesthetic gynecology and sexual wellness and is committed to helping you get incredible results. In order to create an individualized plan effective for you, Dr. Guerette will listen to your concerns and make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

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